3 Month School on Social Entrepreneurship

An informal school comprised of 18 theoretical and practical aspects of social entrepreneurship learned through presentations, discussions, projections, workshops, etc.

1) School Promoted through HUB 22: Center for the Development of Social Entrepreneurship

An interactive center that promotes and practices social entrepreneurship as a sustainable, creative and inclusive economic system

2)  20 participants become certified; 1 idea to be realized in 2nd Phase

In this informal “school”, participants become familiar with how social entrepreneurship develops creative solutions to social problems so that they may become capable of meeting the demands of entrepreneurship.

Through HUB 22’s “Innovation Lab” entrepreneurial ideas are presented and participants compete for a financial award.

3) Content Covered

Design for social change

How to do a startup

Business Model Canvas



How to create an elevator pitch

The use of SWOT & PEST analysis…..and much more


The Social Entrepreneurship School will continue its second phase this September, which involves participants in pitching their ideas if they have one. One will receive an award and the opportunity to develop and implement their entrepreneurial solution.


Financially supported by the US Embassy in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Promoted and Run by OKC Abrašević and HUB 22

Phase One Activities took place at OKC Abrašević and the American Corner Library, April to June 2016; Second Phase to begin in September

Participants were limited to 20 and selected through an application process


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