OKC Assists in Promoting Mostar’s American Corner; Programming Platform for Strengthening US-BiH Relations

The Office of Public Affairs of the US Embassy in Bosnia-Herzegovina offered funding for a local NGO to promote American Corner Mostar. As the awarded recipient, OKC Abrašević is expected to assist with outreach and programming activities of the Corner. Through this project, which started Autumn 2015, the physical space of the corner was completely renovated and re-equipped with more multi-media equipment and other various resources. In addition, two new Corner assistants were hired. Various activities have already started taking place in the refurnished center including some of the activities of another Abrašević project (the Social Entrepreneurship School). Partner institutions of AC Mostar are: OKC Abrašević, Gimnazija Mostar and Narodna Knjižnica HNŽ.

Project Activities are organized and implemented according to the 5 core program types:

English language learning

Educational advising

Alumni activities

Cultural programs

Information about the United States

Activities include but are not limited to:

Coordinating speaker events

Promotional visits to local partners and schools

EducationUSA advising

Organizing various events and workshops such as English Conversation Sessions, Tote Painting Workshops

Hosting events/workshops of partner institutions that provide education in various fields, from English lessons to the Entrepreneurship School

English Conversation Sessions: a program implemented in AC Mostar in coordination with the United World College in Mostar (UWCIM). The sessions are open to the public, everyone is welcome. At sessions, informal group talks are led by native English speaking students from UWCIM.

Tote Painting Workshop: a series of art workshops open to the public and only require a simple Google Form application. At each workshop participants are given a tote on which they paint their own unique design and the AC Mostar logo. The workshop is led by two local artists.


What is an American Corner?

A multi-functional institution (public library, local host institution, and cultural center) for public diplomacy. AC Mostar is open to the public and visitors, where they can learn about the U.S., mainly its people and culture. It promotes English language learning and study programs available in the U.S. while also fostering mutual understanding and cultural exchange between the U.S. and the community in which the Corner is located.


The American Corner in Mostar has already been open and conducting activities for 5 years. This project intends on increasing the Corner’s activities and visibility in Mostar and nearby towns/communities. AC Mostar is one of 9 American Corners in Bosnia-Herzegovina as well as part of a bigger network of American Spaces.


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