“Thank you for your Love”

While domestic violence is being addressed more and more, society is failing to also address abuse in all its forms in relationships among the youth. Research has in the past focused mainly on sexual and physical abuse, but attention is now shifting toward emotional and psychological abuse and issues of manipulation and control.

In hopes of raising awareness of teen dating violence and abuse OKC Abrasevic, with support from “In Fondacija” based in Banja Luka and “Kinderpostzegels” in the Netherlands is administering the 6 month project, “Thank You for Your Love.” Participants are adolescents of 15-21 years from various rural areas and small towns in Hercegovina region.

Project planning started in August and activities that have started recently will continue up until mid-January. Activities include 10 promotional meetings with interested participants and 10 workshops that will introduce the young participants to gender terminology, causes of  gender-based violence in formal and informal relationships as well as ways to recognize all forms of relationship violence. In addition, the interested youth will have the opportunity, through their own initiatives within their own communities, to raise awareness and encourage more widespread recognition of adolescent relationship violence.

*For more detailed information, leave a comment or question here on the post, in our forum or via email, AbrasBlog2016@gmail.com


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