Abrašević Wins Social Impact Award


Photo Courtesy of Social Impact Award BiH

In October, Abrašević was awarded one of the prestigious Social Impact Awards for BiH for their social entrepreneurship proposal, Youth Hostel Abrašević. The prize included €2,000 in initial capital, a membership in a co-working space, and other mentoring programs.

The proposals were judged for their innovation, team, presentation, feasibility, and potential to influence society. The selection process also included an online voting portion, which took into account the opinion of a wider online audience. The competition included several workshops in Sarajevo, Mostar and Banja Luka where participants had the opportunity to to learn more about social business and the different stages of developing a successful business idea.

The idea for the Youth Hostel Abrašević is a response to a student need for cheaper accommodation, quality service, and a healthy diet in Mostar. The hostel will promote culture and cooperation between students and counsel them in employment opportunities. As part of the OKC Abrašević, students and guests will be allowed and encouraged to participate in cultural events in Mostar. Local organic farmers will supply the hostel with food, to promote and educate a healthy lifestyle to students and young people.


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