Some events happening this month:

January 10: Film Screening: Kiss Me

We invite you to attend a movie screening as our first event in the new year. We have chosen a Swedish romantic drama, Kyss mig (Kiss me). There will be subtitles in English and the local language.

You can watch the trailer here. 


January 13: DUBina: Abrakadub

Dub is music that mostly consists of bass and some drum elements born out of reggae music. Its grew out of the 1960’s and it is still popular today. DUBina says about his music and the genre, “Why I play this type of music? I love when I see people dancing through the rhythm of bass and deep sound that makes strange feelings inside your body and mind that you can only feel through Dub.”


January 20: Summer Rock School: Songs That Matter

The Summer Rock School is a large music project coordinated by the Mostar School of Rock. This week long music camp, which took place in August, gathered fifty young musicians from eighteen cities across BiH. Under the theme “Songs That Matter,” students were encouraged, through music, to express their feelings, opinions, and perceptions of the current social and political situation and send a positive message for change.

These musicians have come together for a night of music at Abrašević to share what they produced during this camp.


January 27: All That Trap: Return of the Bass

After a great turnout and top notch music last month, All That Trap is returning this January! At Abrašević, we will bring the fresh sound of The 808, Troskot, and Blasf-a. Join us for a fun night of music and dancing.


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