Coming Together to Keep Mostar Rock School’s Doors Open

Anja Zebić Photography

The Mostar Rock School, a favorite organization among youth in the city, has come into financial troubles that have threatened to shut down the school. The rock school has trained many musicians who have gone on to gain popularity both locally and internationally. It has become ingrained in the community as a place where curious musicians can go to hone in their craft, but also a place where young people can go and know with certainty they will hear quality music performed by talented musicians from their own community.

They describe themselves on their website as,

“A sound factory, which each year yields a new generation of trained talents, and serves as a place of exchange and cooperation, a professional musicians’ club and an organization that provides a range of support services for young musicians and bands on the rise.

The program is set in a way for them to work with as many different peers as possible, each time working together and sharing the same passion to reach a common goal. In this way, besides the education, Mostar Rock School serves as a place of encounter and cooperation and promotes common values and celebrates diversity.

Each school year, within its educational program Mostar Rock School implements 2400 hours of individual lessons, 400 session band rehearsals and it counts more than 600 guest band rehearsals throughout the year.

In its three and a half years of existence, Mostar Rock School has organized numerous and varied activities; 38 concerts, has participated in four international youth exchanges, five master-class workshops, and two week long intensive summer music camps.”1

Currently, the students are in France attending intensive workshops with students from Bosnia & Herzegovina, Turkey, France, and Syria. This international project includes discussions and presentations on the cultural heritage of these countries, photography workshops, dance performances, and other activities. The final result of the project will be a public collaborative concert and exhibition.2

The school is mainly funded by donors and public funds, however, due to shifts in the political situation in the world, the Mostar Rock School has lost funding from key donors who have chosen other priorities and are no longer are supporting the program. If a solution is not found, the school will have to close its doors soon. This would mean an uncertain fate for 108 students and 13 teachers, who have already been working in difficult circumstances for 6 months. The young community in Mostar and OKC Abrašević would be saddened to see the this valuable establishment shut down.

To see how you can help visit their facebook page here.

Or visit their website to make a donation here.

2Mostar Rock School


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