What is going on at OKC Abrašević this month:

February 4: Pullover

Pullover formed in the spring of 2008 as a combination of several Osijek demo bands and consists of five members. They blend the sounds of 90’s Croatian dance, punk, and metal. In the past six years they have recorded one album Pullover 2011, three music videos (I’m a Train, Sherry Sherry, Pick Up), and put on 60-odd concerts across Croatia. Their new album, Soundtrack for Labamba is in progress.

They describe themselves as, “Dance music from the region with a little hard rock influence. Our music is a big and entertaining performance. The audience has fun with us until morning, come and see!”

February 5: Please the Trees

Please the Trees is a psychedelic rock band from the Czech Republic that was formed 10 years ago. In 2012, the band received the Czech Grammy for best alternative album, A Forest Affair, which was recorded in California.

Originally from the forests of a mountainous region in East Bohemia, lead singer and songwriter Vaclav Havelka has been one of the most active figures in Prague’s independent music scene. This new record represents the band’s indomitable and deep-seated spirit of adventure and keen desire to place themselves firmly in the international music scene.

February 6: His Clancyness

Canadian-Italian band His Clancyness, from Bologna was established in 2009 and combines components of acoustic and synth sound that audiences and critics alike have praised since their beginning. Last summer they released their first single after a three year break. In October 2016 they released their second, Isolation Culture, which could be defined as an experimental pop-rock. Experimenting with music in their three year absence has led to a unique album with a new sound worthy of attention.

February 11: Hard Time

Hard Time is a heavy rock band from Zagreb who were established in 1991. In their long career as a band they have released multiple albums, both in Croatian and English. On this tour they will be promoting their latest album Rock & Roll, but they will also be playing all their hits from the past 25 years. Hard Time has shared the stage with legendary rockers such as Motorhead, Slash, Deep Purple, Cult, Uriah Heep, and Aairbourne. Mustang, a young band from Mostar, will be opening the show.



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