We are kicking off the month of March with three concerts in a row.

March 2: ANTI-Thursday with Midi Brigade

The old Abrašević tradition, ANTI-Thursday is back. Local artist, Midi Brigade, will be playing his uniquely chill, deep electro sound. Music will be in the cafe and entrance is free.

Listen to Midi Brigade here.

March 3: November in March

In the late eighties, one of the most promising new bands in Zagreb was November November, who focused their sound on melodic punk rock. The group released the popular single, Clean as a Whistle, but stopped playing after the war began. In 1991, Goran Kostic Kosta, guitarist and singer, continued the band’s legacy in Niš. After playing in the group Voice of America, it was soon was renamed November. Their music is inspired by classic rock music, but their sound is entirely their own.

Listen to their entire album, Proklet, here.

March 4: Tribute to Queen

Queen: Real Tribute is Europe’s biggest Queen tribute band, and has performed all over the world at major festivals and Queen conventions. Queen: Real Tribute does not hold back, and they deliver excellent performances in full costume. Join us, Freddie Mercury, and Brian May for some of our favorite hits like We Will Rock You, Bohemian Rhapsody, and Radio Ga Ga.

Tickets for sale now, the first 200 tickets will be priced at 8 KM, then 10 KM.  

March 8: Flower Floor

Abrašević is celebrating the 8th of March, or International Women’s Day, with an evening of dancing and socializing. Featuring DJ’s Marina Mimoza and Vanessa.

March 16: Documentary Film Viewing “Huligladni”

The documentary “Huligladni” is a local documentary film based on interviews of workers and failed economic giants in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as people who were involved with the Plenums (political assemblies) across the country in 2014. Following the documentary there will be an organized discussion.

Watch the trailer here.

March 17: Brkovi

Brkovi is a punk/rock/turbo/folk band from Zagreb that has existed since 2004. Essentially, it is punk-rock that incorporates hard rock, heavy metal, and reggae. The folk element of their music is reflected in their vocals and guitar melodies. Brkovi has played numerous shows in the region and also in Bulgaria, Switzerland, Austria, and Germany.


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