Here are a couple upcoming events at Abrašević, with more to come later this month.

April 5: Bob Corn

Abrašević is hosting an interesting night of entertainment with a documentary film viewing of Inagibile (Unusable), a film about the musical journey and perspectives of Bob Corn after experiencing a traumatic earthquake. Following the film, he will perform an acoustic concert. Bob Corn is the new stage persona of Tiziano Sgarbi, an Italian musician from the countryside who plays the acoustic guitar and categorizes his music as “sad punk.”  

Listen to Bob Corn here, or learn more about Inagibile here.


April 8: One Hell of a Gig

We will be screening the film Rock’n’War, a documentary about the music scene in Tuzla between ’92 -’95 produced by Pirić Damir. His film tells the story of young people and their strength, will and determination to defy violence in the complete madness that war brings by playing music and organizing concealed rehearsals and concerts.

Performances will follow from Zero Plus (HardCore from Tuzla) and Dozër (Thrash/HC/Punk from Sarajevo).

Watch the film trailer here.


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