Art Exhibition: Three to Ten Trees and The Score of a Blind Traveler

On April 17, OKC Abrašević hosted an exciting art exhibition consisting of both photos and multimedia installations featuring two artists.


Artist: Matea Šabić Sabljič
The Score of a Blind Traveler is “fictional genre” in the form of a collection of travel sketches translated into braille. These “transcripts,” or travel stories that have been perforated in braille, are drawn through a music box in which each letter receives a stereo musical notation and certain tone, translating into sound. This process creates poetry in a spatial installation of graphic characters, sound, movement,  and text, through a subtextual imaginary journey.

Artist: Nives Sertić
3 to 10 Trees is a series of photographs and one photo installation resulting from many years of observations of ten trees on top of a hill near my home. These trees are a visual constant in my memories: topological, but also emotional signifiers. My personal time machine that has its own way of measuring time, and with whom I grew up together. The works were created through a series of meditative walks around the city, attempts at counting and linking memories with location views, and personal reflections on the trees.


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