Here are a few upcoming events this month, more to come!

June 1: Anti-Thursday

After many popular performances, Midi Brigade is returning for an evening of music that has been described as “rock and roll music with an electronic twist.”

June 2: Radical Session

In cooperation with the Street Arts Festival Mostar, we will be hosting local musician Zakky.

June 3: Heavy Rock Night

The band Mustang will be opening the show, followed by Dražen Markotić Vega and Ultimatum. Entrance is 5 KM. 

Mustang is a hard rock band formed in Mostar in late 2013. In 2014, they recorded their first demos, which were well received both among rock audiences, and music circles. In the fall of 2015, they moved to the studio, and recorded their album On with the fight.

Dražen Vega is the new band of Drazen Markotić, longtime front man in the heavy metal group Vega from Split.

Ultimatum is celebrating 15 years of existence. Their sound was designed to be indestructible, and they are inspired by hard n’ heavy rock from the 80’s.

June 21: Mostar Rock School

Join us for a night of local music with the talented students from the Mostar Rock School, who will showcase their original music.

June 24: Sunday Stories

Sunday Stories, self-defined as modern-punk-indie-jazz/soul, is an excellent team of musicians who love jazz and want to share their delightful sound. Although they are well known in the genre thanks to the concerts they have performed at throughout the region, they are now on the threshold of a new success – their first album.

Take a listen here,


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