Here are a few events coming up this month.

July 6: Bitipatibi

Imagine what would happen if the Cocteau Twins, Mazzy Star, Morphine and Tuxedomoon combined… in Belgrade. This combination would result in the band Bitibatibi, who have produced their own unique indie/shoegaze/dream pop sound that has become widely popular in the region.

July 14: Zemlja GRUVA

Zemlja Gruva is a phenomenal Belgrade group who are recognized by their specific and stylistic sound that has been praised by popular musicians such as Cee-Lo Greene, Nouvelle Vague and Amy Winehouse.

Under its own publishing house ‘Gruvlend,’ their musical style is influenced heavily by afro, soul, raggae, jazz, and swing. All these energetic musical styles combined are bold, featuring a strong wind section and three vocal soloists.


July 30: Blaze Bayley

We are glad to announce that Official Blaze Bayley, former Iron Maiden singer in two albums, will perform in Mostar. Blaze is best known for the X FACTOR and Virtual XI albums he recorded with Maiden during the absence of Sir Bruce Dickinson.

At the concert you can expect a lot of Maiden classics from these albums and others, and a new song from Blaze himself.

Supporting bands include,
– Bloodstorm
– John L
– StimulanS


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