A Living Organism: Renovation at Abrašević

In the next few days, renovation will begin in Club Kosta at Abrašević. This space is remembered by the older generation as the wardrobe where performers at RKUD Abrašević put on their costumes. Now, it is the central place where events take place at OKC Abrašević. Since 2003, the club has been reconstructed and renovated several times. The current renovation is planned to be completed by the end of September 2017.

Bruno Bijakšić, the graphic designer who created the new look of the club, had this to say about Abrašević and the new design:

“My first encounter with Abrašević was in 2007, and I have to admit that I was a little bit confused because I was not completely sure what ‘Abrašević’ was. I was caught off guard by the building that was wounded by bullets and grenades, and whose facade was full of holes. The interior of the room was completely improvised, from decorations, furniture, to the walls and the bar. People circulated throughout the day, everyone was doing something. Groups met at the tables, talked and planned.  I wondered what it was all about, who had this space and what were people doing?

As time went by, I began to understand and get to know the people who were staying, working and creating, and I felt that I became a part of the space over time. I realized that there was no owner, but we were all connected by common interests. I realized that ‘Abrašević’ is a platform for young people, artists, activists, groups, individuals and others, that gives the opportunity to express and implement your ideas, to contribute to your community or work on yourself.”

The design that Bruno created for Club Kosta is symbolic of the “living organism” that Abrašević has been throughout the years, always changing and adapting to what the community and young people want and need. The energy of the space is also changing, depending on the moment, event, and conditions. The various forms of expression that exist here, whether it be socialization, work, concerts, exhibitions or screenings have attracted various people who have left their mark on the space. And in the same way, Abrašević has left its mark on them.

Abrašević has a history that stretches back 90 years, and this new design intends to pay tribute to the older generations who created it, those who worked to create a new cultural space in the city for young people and today’s youth who continue to keep the legacy of Abrašević alive.



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