Near Potoci, on a small plot of land 10 kilometers outside of Mostar, a group of young people are working together to build a long-term permaculture community. In the past year, Alan and Ensar, with the help of friends and neighbors, have dedicated their time to building a “laboratory of sustainability,” experimenting with a more communal and environmentally friendly way of life.

Alan and Ensar met at a permaculture design course in Sarajevo, where they realized that they shared the same vision of a sustainable community in BiH. They decided to implement their idea in Herzegovina. After writing an advertisement with their goals, they received a donation of land and soon registered as an association.

Right now, Zemljani operates as a small-scale organic and non-GMO farm. They are also working actively in educating the community on topics such as composting and personal gardening. Other projects that are ongoing at Zemljani are the construction of greenhouses, various composters, and in the future, a kitchen and yurt.

The main objective of Zemljani, translated in English as “Earthly,” is to develop and promote permaculture, ecological knowledge, applicable skills and technologies relevant to sustainable development and improving the quality of life in small communities around the world and fight against the current era of consumerism and exploitation.

Zemljani is made up of young people from different walks of life: teachers, programmers, designers, historians, sculptors and sociologists, all gathered around a common love of nature. People involved come from various parts of the country and the world. 

On the farm, Zemljani welcomes volunteers and participates in the cycler’s network, Warm Showers.  In this way, they promote sustainable and eco-friendly travel while fostering a global community and support among friends, locals, and travellers.

Learn more about Zemljani, or get involved, check out their website here,
Or follow their latest updates on their facebook page here.

Zemljani Contact Info:
E-mail: zemljani@permakultura.ba
Telephone Number: +387 61 800 540


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