A couple upcoming events this month,

September 9: Lord Bishop Rocks and Audiowolf

Do not miss the opportunity to see and hear the American Hendrixian Motor Funk Band, Lord Bishop Rocks and the German progressive/stoner/grunge Audiowolf. Entrance is 5 KM.

Here is a clip of Lord Bishop Rocks,  you can also visit their facebook page for the latest updates here. 

… and Audiowolf here. 


September 20: Barcelona Gipsy balKan Orchestra

Barcelona Gipsy balKan Orchestra, with their passionate performances, are quickly becoming one of the most influential representatives of the new world music scene in Europe.

Their unique musical style is rooted in an unusual mix of traditional Ashkenazi Jewish music, jazz and Roma music, as well as the forgotten musical sounds and elements of the various regions throughout Eastern Europe.

BGKO are inspired by elements of the music scenes in Barcelona, Latin America, Catalonia and the Middle East with a mix of electronic jazz, rock’n’roll fusion and country music.


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