Mostar Gypsy Festival: Tonight at Abrašević


Join us for Mostar’s 2nd annual Gypsy Festival,  featuring new performances by Sirtango and Gadjo Manouche. 

Sirtango is an accordion trio whose performances are inspired by works of great composers such as Astor Piazzolla and Richard Galliano, all while experimenting with traditional music from the Balkans.

Gadjo Manouche is a quintet formed in February 2008, which modeled itself after the famous Hot Club De France and Djang Reinhardt, the creator of Gypsy Jazz Style. They have played at various clubs in major cities and performed at many festivals. But what they enjoy most are street gigs with large groups of people who enjoy this joyful, yet demanding music. They have collaborated vocalists such as Ivan Kujundzic and Katja Friganovic.

We are looking forward to seeing you all tonight!

Entry: 10 KM


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