Mostar’s 8th AntiFa Festival



The anti-facist movement in the Balkans continues on. These values have been recognized by the younger generations in the region who, despite growing up in the circumstances of war, fear and political blockade of nationalist movements and parties, continue to promote and support this idea.

Traditionally the beginning of every September is marked by the Antifa Festival at OKC Abrašević. This year’s Antifa Fest lasted for two days, the 1st-2nd, which has greater political and social importance, now that radical right-wing politics are becoming more prominent in the global political scene.

Anti-fascism is the idea that people across the ethnic, gendered and religious borders are recognized as equal, and in solidarity are willing to resist any form of pressure and discrimination. Unfortunately, fascist symbolism can still be found on the streets of Mostar, representing the Nazi regime that was present in here.

The festival consisted of several events including a sightseeing tour of sites related to the antifacist movment in WWII, as well as punk and metal concerts.

Courtesy of interview with Husein Oručević and Amar Maksumić



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