Share and Care: A Skill Share Event at Abrašević


Join us for a day of learning and connecting with interesting, practical and artistic workshops. This collaborative event encourages people to share their knowledge and skills while also learning something new themselves. There will be a full program of short classes, workshops, and hands-on demonstrations. We have worked to make sure that there is something for everyone. All workshops are free and open to the public!

Sessions will be held both in English and Local.

14:00 Soup
As a group effort, we will cook a simple, cheap traditional soup that we can all enjoy together.

15:00 Tavla
Asja will be teaching us to play the fun, fast paced game, tavla (backgammon). Experts and beginners are welcome

16:00- Yoga
Darel Kapetonavić will lead a yoga session focused on relaxation techniques and calm breathing. For your own comfort, bring your own yoga mat or towel.

17:30- Crochet
Rebecca will lead a workshop on how to crochet without using a needle. Crochet can be used to make scarves, blankets, and much more.

Alen will lead a workshop on how to ferment and preserve various foods using simple ingredients and materials you probably already have.

19:00- Bicycle Maintenance
Emir from Cycloscopia will be giving a useful seminar on basic bicycle repair and maintenance.

20:00-Dancing and Body Language
Alina will be teaching the main principles of dance that can be applied to any style with an emphasis on body awareness.

Give and Take Table
Have some unused clothes, house supplies, or equipment you want to get rid of? Bring it to the Give and Take Table and swap it for something else you need. At the end of the night, anything left on the table will be donated to a local organization.


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