Vildana Hrnjić: Be Part of the Solution


Street Arts Festival Mostar presents the exhibition “Be Part of the Solution,” by Vildana Hrnjić will be held during the second edition of this year’s Street Arts Festival, which will run from September 8- October 10, 2017.

The exhibition will consist of posters on the themes of water, forest, energy conservation, environmental protection and recycling. The goal is education on these topics that are strong represented outside the borders of our country, the expansion of awareness and motivation for action.

Posters featured are minimal, and mandatory typography is placed on a monochrome background, or typography with an illustration on the background or gradient. Along the principal of: “A picture says a 1000 words, and the picture of a word even more.”

The initial concept was a subject of recycling. However, in the further work with typography, there was an extension of this topic. Since typography is not the simplest way to create a poster, the goal was to send a message worth the invested effort and time.

The typography itself has certain variations on the posters, depending on the form it makes. However, a certain number of letters have a distinctive shape with the goal of connecting the posters and stylishly, as the themes are also related. The fact of pollution
the air is reduced by afforestation, water with afforestation … etc. In addition, the goal is that the letters operate a little “harder” since polluting substances (such as plastics) have such an effect on nature.

Vildana Hrnjic analyzes, through the design of a series of hired posters, a review of the notion that common and individual (human) in the context of the environment and its preservation. Every individual must be aware of his (potentially bad) environmental impact, but also on the living world that is with us and with whom we are in symbiosis.

Through graphic and visual arts the elements occupy a personal attitude to change the general relation of urban to nature, defines the problem and from the angle of the young creator points to a possible solution. By thinking of the inextricable relation between nature and man, Vildan through clear slogans and The message tries to contribute in its own way to the preservation of a healthy environment.

Jelena Grubor MA, doc.


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