Check out what is going on this month at OKC Abrašević.

October 3:Ninja Syndrom + Jufkamental

Jufkamental was formed at Mostar Rock School in February 2016. There, Hamza Badzak (guitar/vocals) and Dino Štrkljević (drums) met and began to work on the material and after one month, they were joined by Alan Jusufbegović (bass guitar). They play a mixture of punk, grunge and other sub-genres of alternative music. In December, Riyad Shuta started playing drums in the band. They are currently finishing their first album and expect to record it.

Ninja Syndrom, in existance for 5 years, is a metalcore/rapcore/gent band from Poland. Their low built-in guitars, powerful drumming and charismatic vocal duo resulted in them being praised as the “Best and most powerful band in the region!” by ROCKOnline.

Working in 2017 with industrial giants like Daniel Bergstrand (In Flames, Soilwork, Meshuggah, Production and Recording Engineer), Taylor Larson (Periphery, Veil Maya, I See Stars, Mixing) and Ted Jensen (Metallica, Machine Head, Korn, Mastering) Ninja Syndrom has recorded completely new material in order to achieve their highest potential.

October 5: Werefox (Slo)

An eclectic combination of dirty sonic riffs, twisting the approach to pop melodies with rich and varied arrangements – Werefox is a five-member alt-rock band from Slovenia, comprised of experienced musicians with a rich musical background, which on the stage “spread out” with raw and hypnotic energy. Werefox‘s expression is dark, seductive and noisy, but melodic.

The second edition of ‘Das Lied der Maschinen’ is supported by Moonlee Records, and the concept attempts to answer the science fiction question – Can a machine develop feelings?

October 6: S.One and Encho- HipHop/Rnb/Trap Party

Join us for a night of great music featuring the DJ’s S. One and Encho who will be playing their best HipHop, RnB and Trap.

Entrance: 2 km

October 7: InTheRoom

Street Arts Festival and OKC Abrašević invite you to InTheRoom during the second edition of the Street Arts Festival this year.

InTheRoom is a Sarajevo band that was created in early 2012 as an experimental jam session project with the four musicians who had been performing for a long time with other bands such as KZU ole ole & PZU oje oje, Billy Andol, KJHCB, Grozny, Don Guido and Missionaries.

They prefer to define their style as “Die Neu Kraut” in which standard instruments – bass guitar, drum and guitar – combine with the saxophone and synth effects. They only play their own compositions.

So far they have performed in several cities in BiH, Croatia, Serbia and Germany. They also recorded their performances at the 48th Zaječar Guitar Festival, the UFO Festival in Osijek, 2nd Mini Festival of Instrumental Bands in Niš, What I Know in Munich and Javorwood in Bjelašnica.

October 11: Riley Day

Riley Day, an instrumental/post-rock/progressive band that has been playing for a few years, will be performing at OKC Abrašević. This will be their first time performing under their new name as a part of their mini-tour through Metković, Split and Mostar.

October 14: Jucifer (Athens, USA) + Flatline

Jucifer is a two-member American metal sludge band that released albums for record labels such as Alternative Tentacles, Capricorn Records and Relapse Records, along with their own Nomadic Fortress Records.

The two members are Gazelle Amber Valentine on guitar and vocals, and her husband Edgar Livengood on drums. Jucifer is recognized by the extreme loudness of their performances, the gigantic wall of amplification used for Valentine’s guitar and the fact that they have been on an uninterrupted tour since the mid-nineties.

In 2000, Jucifer moved to a caravan and became completely “nomadic by nature,” preferring to travel constantly, living in his touring car instead of following the usual practice of album/travel/time balance at home.

Listen to more of their music here. 

FLATLINE plays a mix of hardcore and metal music, and even today they are influenced the most by bands from the 80s hardcore/metal scene.  All of their lyrics in English and are socio-politically oriented, showing the personal struggles in everyday life, branded as Post-traumatic Hardcore.

During a very short, but intense period of work, the band recorded a live demo with nine tracks, an album recorded at the RoyStone Studio in Switzerland, performed five European tours and opened for Tankard (Frankfurt, Germany), Devastation (Texas, USA), Napalm Death (UK), Sepultura (Brazil), Biohazard (USA) and many other bands. They are currently working on their second official studio release.

October 17: Battleme

Battleme is thrilled to be returning to OKC Abrašević just after the relase of their new record Cult Psychotica. They wrote and recorded the album during the first few months of the 2016 U.S. election in a weeklong, mostly live session at Drenik’s own studio in Portland. The final product is indeed a masterful reaction to the times, “a timely reflection on our own busted reality,” says Drenik.

Drenik’s approach on the album sees him questioning the American psyche in uncertain times, but without overtly political song-writing. Instead, he uses a conceptual landscape – songs built around heroes and losers, misguided truths and theories – to paint a dystopian world. Over the course of Battleme’s seven-year plus career, Drenik has gained attention for his brand of blues-tinged psych-rock, with Esquire proclaiming, “if the Flaming Lips had written an original song for their Dark Side of the Moon live shows, this is what it might’ve sounded like,” and Rolling Stone raving about the bands ability to create crescendos with a “Smashing Pumpkins style crunch.”



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