German Film Week


In cooperation with The Goethe-Institut of Bosnia and Herzegovina, OKC Abrašević presents selected films of contemporary German cinema. Expect a diverse program with five award-winning films starting at 20:00 every night. The entire program is free and open to the public.

The week’s schedule:

Director: Theresa von Eltz
98 min., Germany 2015

Because of his inability to cope with constantly contending parents, Alex (16) makes a radical decision. The next day, he is in the Emergency Psychiatric Emergency Clinic. There he meets three young people: Laru (17), a drug addict, ferocious Fed (16) who was mistreated in school, and a violent Tim (17) who was just released from the Severe Ward. In the care of a young psychiatrist Dr. Wolff (38), they spend an unforgettable Christmas rogether. Unlike most other Psychiatric Clinic employees, who either disparage young people patients or try to control them, Dr. Wolff’s philosophy is centered around learning from mistakes to guide superior emotions. From the first comedy session of group therapy to secret trip to the forest, the four allegedly hopeless cases learn from Dr. Wolff how much their “madness” may look different if viewed from another perspective.

Director: Visar Morina
104 min., Germany, France, Kosovo, Macedonia 2015.

Kosovo in the 1990s, a year before the war: the old-fashioned Nori and his father Gezim wander through the streets. They can hardly survive on the money they earn by selling cigarettes. The war in the Balkans has not yet started, but because of the uncertain political state, people are already leaving the country to find happiness somewhere else. Now Gezim wants to leave Kosovo and escape to Germany without Nori, but the boy does everything he can to stop his father. One day, Nori has a serious accident and ends up in the hospital for several days. When they release him from the hospital, he discovers that his father secretly went to Germany. Nori makes a decision: he also hsets off for Germany to find his father and a better life. A dangerous journey begins…

Director: Lars Kraume
105 min, Germany 2015.

Germany 1957.
Sixty years after the NS time, while most people are trying to leave behind the horrors of war and Nazi rule, one man is tirelessly struggling to bring the perpetrators to court. Uncompromising state prosecutor, Fritz Bauer in 1957 gets key information about the alleged hiding Adolf Eichmann, former commander of the SS. Together with young state prosecutor Karl Angermann, he wants to bring Eichman before the court. However,  they face resistance from the highest circles of power. Even in his department, data is missing and the State Prosecutor Ulrich Kreidler and BKA-associate Paul Gebhardt hinder Bauer’s research. A seemingly hopeless fight against invisible opponents begins.

Director: Christian Zübert
95 min, Germany 2014

A group of friends goes on a bicycle ride every year. This year, Hannes and his wife Kiki decide to hold this year’s rally in Belgium. On the way, their friends find out that Hannes is suffering from incurable illness and this trip will be his last. The group was initially shocked and confused, but then a wild, unique ride began through the realization of how much life is really worth. With the list of things he still wants to experience, and with the feeling that after this journey nothing will be as it once was, they celebrate life as never before.


Director: Baran bo Odar
105 min, Germany 2014.

Berlin 2014: Benjamin’s life takes place within the virtual world of the Internet. There he can be whatever he wants and no one knows who is hiding behind his pseudonyms. But everything changes when he meets Charisma Max. Together with Max’s friends, impatient Stephan and paranoid Paul, they set up a hacker group CLAY (CLOWNS LAUGHING @ YOU). Through humorous action they want to attract the attention of the internet community and soon get a cult status among Internet activists. But then they go too far and suddenly there are police and secret services involved. Asked by Europol’s agent, Hanne Lindberg, Benjamin is no longer just a jerk, but one of the most wanted hackers in the world.


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