A look at a few upcoming events this month,

December 7: Anti-Thursday

As a part of our Mischevious Kosta program, join us for an unforgettable soundtrack by Midi Brigade. The listening program will take place in the cafe.

Sample Midi Brigade’s music here. 

December 9: Svemirko

Marko Vuković, the leader of the band Svemirko has brought back to life emo-macho pop, a new derivative of synthpop genre that was once popular among many south slavic countries.

Listen to their latest music here. 

December 12: Book Avalanche

Join us for an audio performance by Ronald Panza. Starts at 20:00.

December 16: Tribute to EKV

EKV (Ekatarina Veliki) was definitely a musical feature of the 80’s, they were one of the most influential and most popular bands of the former state of Yugoslavia, and today their music is rightly considered essential listening.

The cover band of  EKV was formed in 2006. It was founded as a fusion of musicians who have been present in the Belgrade music scene for more than two decades. Their mutual love for music, art and respect for one of the biggest Rock & Roll bands from this time is present in all of their performances.

December 22: REPITITOR

REPETITOR is a punk-rock band from Belgrade that formed in 2005. The band’s early performances were received positively by both audiences and critics, making them one of the most prominent bands in the Serbian Punk-Rock scene. They will be promoting their new album Gdje Ćes? (Where are you going?).

Their music is available for free download with optional donation here.

December 24: Breaking Psychology

This party will combine a combination of sounds including Future bass, Trap, House, RnB, Psy Break, and Break Beat. Featuring DJs Netra, Kontenjer, and Яime.

December 25: Film in the Dark

A part of our Nestašni Kosta program, we will be screening Naked Lunch (1991) in the cafe at 20:00 with subtitles in the local language.

“After developing an addiction to the substance he uses to kill bugs, an exterminator accidentally kills his wife, and becomes involved in a secret government plot being orchestrated by giant bugs in a port town in North Africa.”

December 28: Auditory Reading Room

Join us for a listening session of Bohren & Der Club Of Gore. 




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