Pandora’s Box & Businessmen Patriots


Tonight at 18:00, Abrašević is holding a film viewing of Pandora’s Box and an exhibition of the comic book Businessmen Patriots.

The film and comic will address a living example of Pandora’s Box: crimes committed by the Indirect Taxation Authority (ITA) in Bosnia & Hercegovina. These crimes cost billions of billions of marks and caused the arrest of the former director Kemal Čaušević, assistant customs director Zdravko Cvjetinović, and another 40 people.

After the film, a discussion will follow with the creator of Pandora’s Box- Davor Obrdalj, the author of the comic strip- Boris Stapić, the director of the Anti-Corruption Network of Civil Society Organizations in BiH- Eldin Karić, and the editor of the Magazine Žurnal- Selvedin Avdić.

The characters in Pandora’s Box and Businessmen Patriots include Dragan Čović, Milorad Dodik, Nikola Špirić, Amir Zukić, Adnan Terzić and Vjekoslav Bevanda among others.

The entry is free.


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