Kosta’s Blog is a quick inside look of the current happenings and people of Abrašević as well as glimpses of the organization’s history. Everything is intentionally in English so as to reach a worldwide audience in addition to keeping Abrašević’s connections up to date. In order to involve our readers, we have a forum for questions and concerns concerning the blog and OKC Abrašević. Readers may also comment on individual postings.

OKC Abrašević is an independent non-governmental organization and youth cultural center that provides a space and platform in which citizens, especially youth have the opportunity to take part in finding and implementing alternative solutions to the current negative trends of their community, Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina, the region and the world; primarily achieved through the promotion of citizen activism, intercultural dialogue, cultural education and creative expression.[Read our Manifest]

Within OKC Abrašević there is always someone to lend a hand with any event, project or mundane task. We have an executive director, financial manager, project manager, administrative support, technical support and project staff and for the café, a bar manager and several waiters; however, it is understood that while each role has their own specific responsibilities everyone shares the general workload. In an environment that is ever changing and fluctuating, official titles and positions are also shifting.

In addition to these roles, the ultimate decision making body of OKC Abrašević is their assembly which is comprised of members of the community [all citizens are welcome to join, accepted officially through a majority vote after first filling out a form of intent to become a  member]. When the assembly meets, there is an overview of the organization’s past year, the progress of their short and long term goals and strategies and any other pressing issues. The assembly’s elected president chairs the meetings and is also a member of the organization’s executive board whose other main members are the current executive director and current financial manager. While these are at minimum the expected board members, the assembly can by majority vote elect others to be on the board. For a more detailed understanding of the OKC Abrašević’s bodies and their responsibilities, send an email to info@okcabrasevic.org to request a copy of the statute.

OKC Abrašević is a member of Naše Društvo [Our Society Mostar], a network of non-governmental organizations in Mostar who are committed to improving the quality of life and human rights in their city through a proactive approach in the advocacy and promotion of solutions to key social problems. Their vision is to have a functional and prospering society that is founded on citizen activism and is capable of taking advantage of opportunities in their environment, therefore securing progress in local communities.

OKC Abrašević is also a member of Kooperativa, a regional network of organizations working in the field of independent culture and contemporary art in South-Eastern Europe.